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The Puppy Bowl, Cameron Diaz, And George Michael In Today’s Beat David Rancken

Not everyone watched The Big Game on Sunday. A lot of people also tuned into The Puppy Bowl on Animal Planet, with the kittens as their half-time show. Play Beat David Rancken this week to […]


Cleveland Cavaliers, Chumbawamba, And Snickers In Today’s Beat David Rancken

Is Lebron James really that pivotal to a team? Maybe. In their first season without Lebron, the Cleveland Cavaliers set an NBA record for losing 25 games in a row after their loss to the Dallas Mavericks […]


Charlie Sheen, The Black Eyed Peas, And Shakira In Today’s Beat David Rancken

Charlie Sheen appears to be committed to cleaning up his act and claims that he can do so by going through rehab at home. Hopefully this will do the trick and he can get back to […]


In Today’s Beat David Rancken

PICTURE COMMENT Play Beat David Rancken this week to win tickets to see the Imagination Movers on February 13th!


Colin Firth, Culture Club, And Avatar In Today’s Beat David Rancken

The Academy Awards are right around the corner, and the speculations of who will be bringing home an Oscar are heating up. The current frontrunner for Best Actor is Colin Firth, up for his role […]


The Jersey Shore, Joe Biden, And Snarts In Today’s Beat David Rancken

Snooki, The Situation, and the rest of the Jersey Shore cast members are taking their show to Italy. While many people are excited to see the guidos and guidettes take on Europe, the Italian Defamation League is against the […]


Cruella de Ville, Dumbo, And Sleeping Beauty In Today’s Beat David Rancken

Disney villains like Cruella de Ville and Maleficent seem to be becoming less feared and more popular recently. They even have their own show about the Disney Dream cruise ship! Who is your favorite Disney villain? Play […]


Disney Contemporary Resort, Sleeping Beauty, And The Lion King In Today’s Beat David Rancken

Disney is known for many things,  but one of the more exciting things is its “imagineering.” The Disney Contemporary Resort at Walt Disney World has a monorail going through it, and the Disney Dream cruise ship […]


Pittsburgh Steelers, Green Bay Packers, And Lilo & Stitch In Today’s Beat David Rancken

The teams for The Big Game are official. After two intense games yesterday, the Pittsburgh Steelers and Green Bay Packers are going head to head on February 6th in Dallas! Play Beat David Rancken this […]


Jesse James, Heather Mills, And 7-Up In Today’s Beat David Rancken

Just months after his divorce from Sandra Bullock was finalized, Jesse James announced via Twitter yesterday that he is engaged to his former mistress, Kat Von D. Play Beat David Rancken next week for a chance to win tickets […]