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The Most Embarrassing Items We Have In Our Homes

We all have some embarrassing things hiding in our house, and this morning, we shared the things we’d rather keep hidden in a closet.


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Man Fights Off Bear Attack By Grabbing Its Tongue

A man fended off an attacking bear by grabbing its tongue. Bear couldn’t get a word in edgewise.


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VIDEO: Hungry Bear Rolls Away With Restaurant Dumpster

Hey Boo-Boo… I found a huge pic-a-nic basket on wheels!


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Men Busted After Posting Pics Of Stolen Bear Statue On Facebook

Bear statue gets taken on a wild ride with two drunk guys who posted their shenanigans on Facebook.


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VIDEO: Bear Breaking Into Truck

A smarter-than-your-average-bear criminal gets caught on camera breaking into a truck.


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Man Claims He Has Evidence Of Bigfoot

Man claims that he has undeniable evidence of Bigfoot… or does he?


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Sleepy Bear Cub Can’t Stay Awake

A bear cub is fighting a losing battle to stay awake in this adorable video!


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Bear Cub Gets Stuck In A Garage

It’s not uncommon for bugs and birds to swoop in and get trapped temporarily in your garage, but one family had a very unexpected visitor stuck in their garage. A black bear cub got stuck in a family’s garage and started climbing the tracks. His intrepid mama bear comes to the rescue by opening the garage door to let him out.


California Man Saved From Moutain Lion Attack By A Bear

Robert Biggs, A 69-Year-Old California man, was hiking in the Bean Soup Flats area last week when he was attacked by a mountain lion. He survived just fine. A bear came along to save his […]


Alicia Silverstone

Alicia Silverstone Feeds Baby Bear Like Baby Bird

Alicia Silverstone posted a video on her website of her feeding her son.  Not something that would be that abnormal, except the Clueless star feeds her son Bear as a mama bird would feed […]