Katy Perry Wins A Fight Against Two Nuns!
Kim Kardashian Fires Back At Bette Midler's Twitter DissIn case you missed, Kim Kardashian went full frontal on Instagram yesterday. Yes, she was nice enough to cover her naughty bits with black bars, but let’s be real…she exactly leave a whole lot to the imagination.
Levi Johnston, Former Fiancé of Bristol Palin, Wins Joint Custody of SonBristol and Levi’s son Tripp is already 7. Hard to believe. Levi says he’s spent $100,000 in lawyer’s fees and is happy to now be “successfully co-parenting.”
Madonna Has Hired A P.I. In Custody Battle For Her Son RoccoThis could get ugly real fast!
Wendy's & Burger King Have Twitter BeefIt's a battle for the best burger deal in town. The King VS a little red-headed girl named Wendy!
Celine Dion's Husband Rene Has Passed Away After A Long Battle With Cancer!Celine Dion lost her husband today
Joseph Gordon-Levitt Owned Lip Sync Battle By Performing "Rhythm Nation"
Sources Say Gwen Stefani And Christina Aguilera Are Fighting Over The Voice?
Cop Absolutely Crushes This Dance Battle With A Teenage Student
Jackie Collins Lost Her Battle With Breast Cancer Today At The Age Of 77!
Want To See Disney Princesses Elsa And Sleeping Beauty Have A Rap Battle! We Have You Covered!
14 Women Sue Suave Over Product That "Melted" HairFourteen women, including two from North Texas, are suing Suave over a product they claim caused permanent damage to their hair.

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