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What Your Shower Habits Say About You

What do your showering habits say about you? Are you a singer? Maybe you are the type of person who gets in and out as fast as possible. Well what does that mean about you? […]

103.7 KVIL–01/05/2015

(Gomillion & Leupold for Capitol Music Group)

Leigh Ann: JLO’s Bathtub Selfie

A selfie? I don’t think so. I’m pretty sure someone else took this picture. And who takes a bath with rose petals?


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Miley Cyrus’ Nude Bathtub Photo Intended For Fiancé

Miley Cyrus has had no problem escaping her squeaky clean Disney image that helped her to stardom as Hannah Montana. In her latest escapade a photo of her topless in a bathtub with a strategically placed arm escaped to the site Life of the Rich And Famous.


Whitney Houston and husband Bobby Brown in 1994 (VINCE BUCCI/AFP/Getty Images)

Odd Nominations, Big Questions and Other Head-Scratchers Explained About Tonight’s 54th GRAMMY Awards!

Tina Fey and Betty White are nominated?  Steve Martin does Bluegrass?  Family Guy‘s Seth McFarlane has as shot at winning, what? Amy Winehouse could still win?  Who will pay tribute to Whitney Houston? Those GRAMMY questions […]



Photos: Julie DeHarty In The Bathtub!

Julie and I had a bet and she lost.  She said that the Ranges would win it in the 6th and I said it would take all 7 games.  So the bet was if she […]


Leigh Ann likes shoes, but this may even be too much for her.

What is it?? Why it’s a Bath Tub! See more styles.


Leigh Ann talks lightning

Leigh Ann says its not safe to be in the bathtub or shower during a thunder and lightning storm.



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