Want An Athlete's Body? Start Eating Potato Chips.Chicago Cubs pitcher, Jason Hammel has been battling a hand cramp the last few weeks, and he held a recent press conference after a victory, claiming eating potato chips aided in his recovery process.
Chewbacca Mom Performs National Anthem At MLB Game (Video)Ok. Even we were a little skeptical before we clicked on the video link.
Rangers' On-Field Fistfight Wasn't A First For Rougned Odor (VIDEO)Plus, his bobblehead had on a "boxing glove"!
In Case You Missed it: Texas Rangers vs Toronto Blue Jays in Full Baseball Brawl
Watch This Fan Get Hit In The "Junk" At The Rangers Game Last Night!
Dallas Could Be Making A Play To Bring The Rangers Downtown!
Demi Lovato Nails National Anthem At World Series Game
All Hell Broke Loose During Rangers Playoff Game Today!
The Taylor Swift Curse Has Baseball Fans Going Crazy!
San Francisco Giants Recreated The "Full House" Opening And You Will Love It
VIDEO: Kid Struggles To Eat Hotdog At Baseball Game And It's Adorable!
Will Ferrell Is America's Worst Baseball Player in 'Ferrell Takes the Field' TrailerThis September, sports on HBO are about to get a lot weirder.

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