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You Won’t Believe What’s Living Inside Your Coffee Maker!

I’m boiling mine in bleach after this!


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You Will Freak! How Filthy Is YOUR Cell Phone?

Some new pictures reveal the disgusting ‘invisible life’ lurking on the average Cell phone. A variety of bacteria lurks there, including the disease-carrying bacteria Staphylococcus aureus. You have to see these pics, after you clean […]

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Shocking News Alert: Bachelor’s Have The Dirtiest Homes

Today is reporting that the latest research Research shows a bachelor’s home has 15 times more bacteria and yuck than a single woman’s home. I dated this woman once who had roaches scattered throughout her […]


Julie's bags

The Nastiness Inside Women’s Handbags

A third of women admit that they don’t clean out their purses. What nastiness lurks in Julie’s bags?


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Unexpected Places Where Germs Are Lurking

You come in contact with these items every day, but you’ll never guess what’s lurking on them.


Find Out Which Object You Use Everyday That Is Dirtier Than A Toilet

What everyday object has more bacteria than a toilet handle? Up to 18 times as much.