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Bacon Bash 2014

Hello Dallas! I’m back and this time I’ve had the honor of being a judge for Bacon Bash Texas 2014. First let me explain what Bacon Bash Texas is all about and why they do it, because if you are like me everything else went blank when you read the word BACON! Bacon Bash Texas is an annual charity event to benefit Niki Warms the Cold. Niki Warms The Cold has chosen to use the proceeds to help send a child to Camp Sweeney. Now if you don’t know about Camp Sweeney it’s for children diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes. So first and foremost it’s for an amazing cause and a great charity!


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Foodie Blog: Candied Bacon!!! #LiveLocal

Oh for the LOVE of Bacon!! Can I get an OINK ya’ll?


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Want To Smell Bacon When Your iPhone Wakes You Up? There’s An App For That

Let’s face it….BACON makes everything better. Who doesn’t like to wake up to the smell of bacon in the morning? Well Oscar Meyer has figured out a way for your phone to produce the smell […]


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Oscar Meyer Invents Bacon Alarm Clock

My alarm clock has a first name, it’s B-A-C-O-N…


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New Bacon Deodorant

No you read that headline correctly, there is a new deodorant out and it smells of bacon. J&D is the company that has released the new Power Bacon Deodorant, and you can buy some for […]


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Texas Motor Speedway Unveils Bacon Beer Milkshake

Texas Motor Speedway has created a genius food item combination. Bacon, beer, and ice cream come together to make the Shakin’ Bacon Milkshake.


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Lost Dog Lured Home With Bacon

The delicious smell of bacon brought home a puppy who strayed too far from home.


Hot dogs in buns at the official weigh-i

The Bacon Hot Dog Weenie You’ve Been Waiting For Has Finally Arrived

Oscar Mayer has unveiled new hot dog flavors, which include a bacon-flavored weenie. The Chicago Tribune is reporting that it will hit store shelves this June. “We know Americans love bacon, and we know they […]


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105-Year-Old Texan Thanks Bacon

Pearl Cantrell of Richland Springs, Texas celebrated her one hundred and fifth birthday a few weeks ago. The reason for her longevity? She told local TV Station KRBC it is because everyone’s favorite piece of […]


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Bacon-Flavored Mouthwash Will Make Your Breath Smell Tasty

Scope unveils newest mouthwash flavor celebrating the candy of meats.