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The Return Of Nooner For A Crooner

We brought back Nooner For A Crooner to give away front row tickets to see Michael Buble in concert. You’ve gotta hear the audio!!


bloodstone ring

Julie Needs Help With Anniversary Present For Husband

Julie’s husband gave her an awesome ring that she’s been dreaming of since their vacation in Delaware. Now she needs help to give him an equally awesome anniversary present!


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VIDEO: Bono Does Great Impression Of Bill Clinton

U2 frontman Bono did an amazingly awesome impression of Bill Clinton! Watch the video!!


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VIDEO: BatDad Brings Justice To Parenting

BatDad is the best thing to happen to the Internet. Check out this video!


Vine Before 9: John The Hall Monitor

Do you have a hallpass?


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VIDEO: Dallas Kid Has Best Bar Mitzvah Entrance Ever

Dallas kid’s awesome Bar Mitzvah entrance goes viral. Check out the video!


Julie and Lake Bell

Vine Before 9: Awkward Slow Dancing With Lake Bell

Today’s mission: Awkwardly slow dance with Lake Bell.


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VIDEO: Robert Downey Jr. Joins Sting Onstage To Sing “Driven To Tears”

Robert Downey Jr joined Sting onstage to sing a song. Wait… Robert Downey Jr can sing?!


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60-Year-Old Dallas Woman Kicks Burglar In The Balls

A North Dallas woman just became our brand new hero after single-handedly fending off burglars.


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Singing Gas Pump Couple Impresses Jay Leno

A Tonight Show gas pump prank captures a married couple willing to sing for free gas. The couple’s singing so impresses Jay Leno that he invited them to his show. You’ve gotta see the video!