Gross! Guy Finds Lung In His KFC Order!Why yes! I do believe I'll have the Kentucky Fried Lung. Does that come in a combo meal?
Which Pop Star's Mom Is Rumored To Be Joining "The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills"?Somebody needs to fill Brandi Glanville's stilettos.
WATCH: Not Checking The Potty Before You Go In Australia Can Have Serious Consequences
GOSSIP: Nickelback Frontman Says Justin Bieber Should Be Ashamed Of Himself!"We're all going to get to stand back and watch the wheels fall off the train."
Newlyweds Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie Caught Fighting On Hotel Balcony In Australia
Kangaroo Fights Are Nothing To Mess With
VIDEO: The first QANTAS Double Decker Lands In DFW!
Kanye Orders Wheelchair-Riddled Fans To Stand During Show
Man Teases Alligator, Feeds it Marshmallows
Kory Chats With Mikey From 5 Seconds Of SummerDuring their European tour, Michael from 5 Seconds of Summer gave me call to chat about the album, adjusting to life in the spotlight, and why he is a really bad Australian.
Oh Hell No Video: Man Provokes Stingray, Stingray Attacks!Check out this video from Australia!
I Live In This Country And I've Never Seen...Fill in the blank: I've lived in this country and never seen ______.

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