Amber Heard Was Arrested For Attacking Her Ex-Girlfriend Back In 2009
Hillary Clinton's Brother-In-Law, Roger Clinton Arrested For DUI!Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and husband Bill Clinton are probably shaking their heads today and saying, "Can't you keep out of the spotlight until THIS election is over?"
Woman Arrested For Calling Her Ex 27,000 Times In One Week!This gives a new meaning to crazy! WOW!
Woman’s ‘Hot Mugshot’ Goes Viral: Meet #PrisonBaePast charges include kidnapping, aggravated robbery, theft, first degree battery, hindering prosecution, and tampering with physical evidence. Dang girl! You're only 24! Somebody help her.
Screech Arrested AgainActor Dustin Diamond has lead quite the tumultuous live since the end of his mega popular TV show Saved By The Bell in 1993, including multiple weapons charges and the release of a sex tape in 2006
TV Reporter Arrested For Going #2 In Someone's Front Yard
Watch These Drunk Airline Passengers Get Into A fight On The Plane!
Squidward Has Been Arrested For DUIJust because you work on a kids show doesn't mean you don't have adult problems.
Ex Power Ranger Charged With MurderAbout a year ago, Ricardo Medina Jr., star of Power Rangers Samurai, was arrested on suspicion of murder. Fast forward. Once again, Medina, finds himself in jail on these same charges. This time though, he's officially been charged.
On-Duty Dallas Police Officer Arrested For DUI
Ahmed The Boy Who Was Arrested For Bringing A Clock To School Now Wants $15 Million!
Woman Arrested For Masturbating With Sausage In Walmart

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