Karl Rove (L), assistant to the President, Deputy Chief of Staff and Senior Advisor, grabs ahold of Al Hubbard (R), chairman of the National Economic Council, after Rove's car, in a prank, was covered in plastic wrap and adorned with stuffed eagles and stickers, including stickers in support of Illinois Senator and Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama, 29 August 2007 on West Executive Avenue next to the White House in Washington, DC. Rove's final working day for US President George W. Bush is 31 August. AFP PHOTO/SAUL LOEB (Photo credit should read SAUL LOEB/AFP/Getty Images)

7 Students Arrested After Releasing 72,000 Ladybugs For Senior Prank

Senior pranks can be a lot of fun, but sometime the kids go a little over the top. Some students busted in the school with hoodies, and masks. Then they let loose 72,000 ladybugs. I’m […]

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The 2012 ESPY Awards - Press Room

WNBA Superstar Arrested With Her Fiancee

Former Baylor Bear basketball phenom Brittney Griner was arrested yesterday along with her fiancee Glory Johnson. The women were arrested for assault and disorderly conduct after authorities were called to their home for a domestic dispute. […]


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Real Housewives Kim Richards Was Arrested

Kim Richards was arrested early this morning at the Beverly Hills Hotel. She was hanging out in the Polo Lounge drinking, when she had a little to much and was asked to leave. She barricaded […]

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Woman Gets Married 10 Times And Has Never Been Divorced

It seems like you see men doing this a lot, but a woman is a new one on us. It looks like she is going to be doing some jail time soon though. She could […]

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Women Stabs Boyfriend Because He Ate All The Salsa

Sometimes you just want some salsa. When your boyfriend eats all of it you have to go to extreme measures. That is exactly what Phyllis Jefferson did. She got into an argument with her boyfriend […]

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Man Caught Making Love To A Stuffed Animal In Wal-Mart

Of course this story comes out of Florida, it seems like all the crazy stories these days do. A 19-year-old took a stuff horse to the comforter aisle, and had his way with the poor […]

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Women Gets Drunk On An Airplane And Joins Mile High Club By Herself

I think this lady had a little to much fun on vacation. On her flight back to London she had a little to much to drink, and got naked and took care of business. She […]

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Lady In Florida Walks Into Dunkin Donuts Naked

Are any of us shocked this happened in Florida? What is in the water over there, all the crazy stories come from Florida. This lady walked into Dunkin Donuts naked, and tried to order some […]

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Man Wakes Up To Find Girlfriend Biting Off His Manhood

When you go out drinking with your girlfriend and get into a fight with her, don’t tell her she is needy. That is what happened up in Oklahoma. They got into a fight, and went […]

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Vanilla Ice Arrested For Burglary

Vanilla Ice was arrested for home burglary. He was renovating a home, and stole the stuff from the home next door. Police had a search warrant, and found many of the items at his house. […]

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