Steve Harvey Apologizes in Super Bowl Commercial
Steve Harvey Apologizes on Social Media for Announcing the Wrong Miss UniverseYou've no doubt what happened during the climactic moment of Miss Universe last night.
This Company's Black Friday Ad Is Appalling.Assault jokes usually aren't funny.
Bloomingdale's Apologizes For It's Inappropriate AdRape jokes are never funny. When, when, when will people learn?
#NursesUnite: The View Apologizes...Sort Of
Is This Really An Apology From "The View" To Nurses?
Josh Duggar Edited His Ashley Madison ApologyLast week, word leaked that Josh Duggar was the owner of not one, but two Ashley Madison accounts. Apparently, Josh has to do everything in multiples, including editing his official apology, not once, not twice, but three times!
Read the Apology From Lion Killer, Dr. PalmerThe Minnesota dentist who shot and killed Cecil the Lion sent a letter to his patients yesterday, denying any criminal intentions and apologizing for what he did.
Taylor Swift Just Apologized To Nicki Minaj For Her Tweet
VIDEO: Ariana Grande Issues Apology For "Donut Fiasco"
Actor Rob Lowe Pokes Fun At Ariana Grande's ApologyApparently, he doesn't buy it.
Ariana Grande Apologizes For Anti-American CommentsIs all forgiven?

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