AMC Will Show "Purple Rain" in 87 Movie Theaters in U.S.
UPDATE: AMC Says: "Yes To Theater Enhancements, No To Texting"Ladies and gentlemen...this just in! AMC will not be adding texting to their movie menu!
Get To Know Negan From 'The Walking Dead' In A Little Over A MinuteHe's the show's new threat...and he's going to hit HARD in the Season 6 Finale.
Leaked Video Gives 'The Walking Dead' Fans First Glimpse Of Supervillain NeganAnd prepare to meet "Lucille."
Former 'Walking Dead' TV Show Creator Frank Darabont Slams AMCThe truth comes out.
The Walking Dead Spinoff Title Revealed & Norman Reedus Breastfeeding PhotoNot just one...but TWO breastfeeding ladies! NORMAN!
'Better Call Saul' Episode 6 Recap: 'Five-O,' or the Ballad of Mikey and MattyWhat does it say about 'Better Call Saul' that in "Five-O," one of the young series’ best episodes yet, its main character is only featured for a grand total of only five minutes?
Watch This "Recap" Before "The Walking Dead" Tomorrow NightIt's one of the most (in)accurate recaps I've ever seen!
The Walking Dead: See The First 2 Minutes of the Midseason Premiere!!!
AMC's 'Better Call Saul' Gets An Extended TrailerAn extended trailer for the 'Breaking Bad' spin-off series, 'Better Call Saul' has hit the internet. Watch the trailer above.
Walking Dead Spinoff Setting Revealed - Left Coast!
Did You Catch The "Better Call Saul" Sneak Peak?Sal's the one who knocked first.

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