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Solange Under Attack From Her Own Face! This Isn’t What You Need On Your Wedding Day

Beyoncés sister Solange got married over the weekend. And all was awesome, until after the reception. Apparently, she had an allergic reaction to some food at the reception. It took over her face, and looks […]

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Leigh Ann: Worst Cities For Spring Allergies

The Huff Post just released their list of the 10 Worst Cities For Spring 2014 Allergies, and yep…we are on it. Here are some of the cities: McAllen, Texas Richmond, Virginia Dallas, Texas Oklahoma City, […]


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Ain’t Nobody Got Time For Coworkers That Don’t Watch Breaking Bad

It’s time to unleash the frustrations we’ve kept bottled all weekend and declare AIN’T NOBODY GOT TIME FOR THAT!


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Sneezing With Courtesy This Allergy Season

The winds are blowing and Fall is settling in here in North Texas. It’s not uncommon to hear sneezes, sniffles, and coughs from ourselves or those around us. Take a look at some tips to […]


It Appears You CAN Get A Black Eye From A Manicure

 Can you really get a black eye from a manicure? Yes, and it happened to a young woman named Brooke Burdine.