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You Will Never Believe What This 100-Year-Old Says The Key To Living A Long Life Is

If what this woman is saying is true, Leigh Ann and Courtney are going to live forever. She is crediting alcohol for making it 100 years. I’m not going to lie, this video just made […]

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Spring 2008 - Around Smashbox - Day 4

New Alcohol Delivery Service Hits DFW!

Bottoms up, Collin County!


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List Of Best Margaritas In Dallas

There is no better way to unwind from the week than a good margarita. We found a list of the best margaritas in Dallas, and I promise they wont let you down. You can see […]

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If You Can’t Pass A Breathalyzer Uber Will Take You Home For Free

This is a pretty awesome story. Uber has set up stations on the street you blow into to check your alcohol level, and if you pass they will get you home for free. The bad […]

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Man Calls Police After Refusing To Pay Bar Bill

Drink responsibly people! A man in Idaho was not too happy with his bar bill and called the police a total of 12 times to complain that his bill was too high. What?! He apparently […]

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Genius Just Invented A Keurig For Jell-O Shots

At one point or another in life you have probably had a Jell-O shot. The only problem is it takes forever to make them. Well this guy, just solved the problem for us. He made […]

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Which Award-Winning Actor Went To Rehab?

He plays a heavy drinker on tv, but now he’s sober.


U.S. Surpasses France To Lead The World In Wine Consumption

How Many Drinks Does It Take To Find Someone Attractive?

Next time you’re at the bar and you’re trying to pick someone up based on your looks- it’s probably best to only have one drink. A new study has shown just how many drinks you […]

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This Takes Flasks To A Whole New Level! Hiding Booze In A Fake Baby!

This is possibly the greatest kickstarter project we have ever seen. Everyone knows what a flask is, and likes to get creative to save money at concerts or sporting events. This takes it to a […]

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Now You Can Have Alcohol And An Oreo All In One

This changes everything! The next time you are having a glass of wine and an oreo and you have the urge to dip that oreo in some alcohol- you won’t have to! There is now […]

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