Alarm Clock

alarm clock

Vine Of The Day: Rude Awakening- 01.24.15

This happens to the best of us.


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Oscar Meyer Invents Bacon Alarm Clock

My alarm clock has a first name, it’s B-A-C-O-N…



Leigh Ann Found A New Way To Wake Up In The Morning

Leigh Ann thinks she may have found a new way to wake up in the morning. No it’s not a warm shower, or a morning cup of coffee. Let’s just say it’s an unconventional alarm […]


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The Early Gets The Worm And The Better Life

Years and years of doing morning radio shows didn’t make me a morning person. The second I stopped that shift I returned to night-owlish ways. Apparently we would all be happier of we could switch […]



The World’s Most Annoying Alarm Clock

Have trouble getting up in the morning? Don’t worry about that with the worlds most annoying alarm clock. It will force you out of bed.


Relationship Reportcard With Gene And Julie

Each week Gene and Julie give each other a letter grade on how they did as spouses the week before… Gene received an A- from Julie for taking charge and organizing the house. Gene then gave himself an F […]