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FAA Lightens Up On Electronic Device Restrictions On Flights

The FAA says we can use our electronic devices during the whole flight, gate to gate!


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Airline Offers “Child-Free” Zones

The friendly skies might not be so friendly for kids to fly anymore. One airline has launched a kid-free fly zone.


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Passenger Jet Has Near-Miss With UFO

A passenger jet and a UFO had a close call. Send in Mulder and Scully.


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Lady Wakes Up With Airplane Waste Crashing Through Roof

Caroline Gray was awoken by a loud crash in her house. She thought she was getting robbed. It turned out the mother of two had a few frozen balls of airplane waste slammed through her […]


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VIDEO: Shakes On A Plane

A college frisbee team takes the Harlem Shake phenomenon to the Mile High Club by getting an entire airplane to participate in a wild dancing video.



Study Shows Men Take Up More Room On Airplanes Than Women

A new study has shown that flight crews, airline employees, and frequent flyers all say men take up more room on airplanes than women do. The study was conducted by the Wall Street Journal and […]


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Former “Dallas” Star Arrested For Trying To Board Airplane With Gun

Jack Scalia, the actor who portrayed Nicholas Pearce on the original Dallas, was arrested at LAX yesterday for trying to bring a gun onto an airplane.


Pet Travel Safety With Kimberly Schlegel Whitman

It’s fun to bring your pets with you when you travel, but it can also be tricky. Kimberly Schlegel Whitman has a few tips on traveling with your pets… big or small!


Airplane Etiquette Tips From Kimberly Schlegel Whitman

If you are flying soon Kimberly Schlegal Whitman has some airline etiquette tips for you.