DFW Rescue Me

Zazza Zoo: Ally

Ally is 1-2 years old.Fifty five pounds of sweet and gentle pittie mix.


Photo Courtesy of DFW Rescue Me

Zazza Zoo: Patches

  Patches is a sweet girl. Such a love. A one-year old pit bull mix. She quickly became a favorite of our volunteers, who think she looks like Spuds MacKenzie. But minus the party animal […]


Tony Garcia/Getty Images

Man Adopts Girlfriend

John Goodman, a wealthy Floridan, has adopted his 42-year-old girl friend as a daughter to try and protect his assets. Okay so he keeps is money, but why isn’t adopting your adult girlfriend illegal?


Monday’s Delilah’s Dilemma, Troubled Mom

Tonight’s dilemma is from a mother you doesn’t know if she should tell her daughter the truth.