Man's Finger Severed In Fort Worth BreweryThe MillerCoors brewery out of Fort Worth has been fined $77,000 after an employee had his finger cut off after certain safety measure had not been met with its equipment.
Man Sets Gas Station On Fire Trying To Kill SpiderA Michigan man encountered a spider while he was gassing up his car, and because he's deathly afraid of the little guys decided his best course of action was to set the critter ablaze.
Someone Hit This Guys Car But The Note They Left Is So Funny He Doesn't Even Care
Thousands Of Spilled Potatoes Shut Down HighwayEnjoy this story over your hash browns this morning.
Insurance Company Asked This Mom For Pictures Of The Accident And She Sent Selfies!This what you shouldn't do when they ask for pictures! LOL
Wrong Home In Rowlett Was Demolished On Accident!
Man Dies In Car Accident After Watching Porn On His Phone!Poor guy!
Nashville Couple Share Photo of Themselves Post-AccidentNothing like a close call to remind us to appreciate each other.
The Reason Drew Barrymore Swore Off Skiing Will Make You Laugh!
Dad Sends A D*ck Pic To Group Text With His Daughter On Accident
Tracy Morgan Returns to Comedy Stage; First Time Since AccidentThese must be thrilling days for Tracy Morgan. He’s days away from hosting Saturday Night Live and made his long-awaited comeback to comedy last night at two clubs in New York.
Amazing Surgeon Reattaches Toddlers Head To His Neck After Car Accident

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