50 Shades of Cray

(Photo by Paul A. Hebert/Getty Images)

Stripper Breaks Bottle Over NFL’s Jacoby Jones’ Head

NFL Player Jacoby Jones got in a tussle with a stripper named Sweet Pea. He ended up on the receiving end of a champagne bottle aimed at his head.


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“Natural Vanilla Flavoring” Might Be Eau De Beaver

That vanilla-flavored food you’re snacking on might not be actually vanilla. In fact, it may not have even come from a vanilla bean.


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Texas Man’s “Auto-Brewery Syndrome” Makes Beer In His Belly

This guy has an epic case of beer belly.


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Man Sleeps While Crocodile Hides Under His Bed

That’s no monster under the bed!


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Boob-Shaped Kettlebell Weights Coming Soon To Sporting Goods Stores

An ad agency is producing kettlebell weights in the shape of the female chest. This is an idea that is totally 50 Shades of Cray!


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Sulphur Springs’ New Public Toilets Have One-Way Mirrors

Sulphur Springs is now offering a unique potty experience with pubic toilets surrounded by one-way mirrors.


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Clown Stands Around Town Creeping Out Citizens

Has Stephen King’s nightmarish clown Pennywise come to life? Who is this creepy clown?


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Couple Has Zombie-Themed Wedding

One couple decided to shamble down the aisle in a zombie-themed wedding. Of course, the bride wore brains.


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Dallas Beer Truck Robbed By Thief In Pumpkin Mask

Beer was stolen from a beer truck in East Dallas by a thief wearing a pumpkin mask. You just don’t want to mess with a guy like that.


(Photo by Neilson Barnard/Getty Images for Land Rover)

Man Banned From Going Out After Being Caught Land Rover Lovin’

Man grounded by court from going out on the weekends after he got caught loving on a Land Rover.