50 Shades of Cray

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Toilet-Themed Restaurant To Offer Crappy Dining

New restaurant offers potty party experience dining on toilets.


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Cats Get Their Own Wine Called Nyan Nyan Nouveau

Cats get their own wine and prove to be the superior pets.


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Glitch Causes No-Limit Shopping Spree At Walmart

The sky’s the limit on Walmart shopping sprees when a temporary glitch removes the spending limits on EBT cards.


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Avon Lady Sells $50k Of Bug Spray To Buy VW Bug

Awesome Avon lady sells a ton of bug spray to by herself a brand new VW Beetle


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Man Fights Off Bear Attack By Grabbing Its Tongue

A man fended off an attacking bear by grabbing its tongue. Bear couldn’t get a word in edgewise.


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VIDEO: Weatherman Eats Something That Is Not Grape Nuts

Weatherman munches a mystery meal off newsroom floor while cameras are rolling. Yuck doesn’t begin to cover it.


Weird Law Regulates Underwear Shopping Hours

Weird laws regulate shopping hours for liquor, cigarettes, pantyhose, and underwear.


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Gardeners Busted For Pot Farm Just Steps Away From Courthouse

Location, location, location. As long as the location isn’t next door to the courthouse.


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Drunk Driver Crashes In To Taco Bell Four Times

Drunk driver crashes his car into a Taco Bell four times. That’s not how you “Live Mas.”


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Tarantulas Out Looking For Love & A Snack

It’s officially tarantula mating season. Consider yourself warned.