What's NEW at the 2015 State Fair Of TexasThe 2015 State Fair of Texas begins it's 129th year/two-week run Friday September 25! This year's theme is "Passport To Texas".
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New Study Reveals The Average Male "Length"...For Real.We all want to seem bigger than we are. Any man who tells you he doesn't, is a liar.
It's Official, Rihanna & Kanye Will Co-Headline A Tour TogetherIt has been confirmed that Kanye West and Rihanna will co-headline a tour this summer.
JNCO Jeans Are About To Become A Thing Again.Remember the insanely baggy JNCO jeans that were so wildly popular in the 90s? Yep...those are coming back. No, seriously.
Benedict Cumberbatch Got Married Today!The couple is expecting a child later this year as well!
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