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Ebony Ivory

New Morning Show Auditions: Ebony & Ivory

We are looking for a new morning show.  With so many people interested we have to go through a lot of auditions.   Here are a morning team trying to nail down the position. If you […]



Lite FM New Morning Show Auditions

There are a lot of people trying out to be the new host for our morning show. This is the first set of auditions. See them here!


Leigh Ann Audition

Leigh Ann Auditions For Morning Show Gig

Lite FM is currently looking for a new morning show. Leigh Ann heard about it and apparently wants a change of scenery.


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The Bacon Shell Burger Taco

Ever think the thing your burger taco is lacking is a little more bacon?  Well the PYT in Philadelphia has the answer for you. The burger of the week this week is the Bacon Shell […]



Guy Outsources Job To China So He Can Watch Cats

According to the Huffington Post, a soft ware developer fooled his company for months, figuring out a way to be paid to surf the internet all day. The report says that he was discovered when […]


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Britney Spears’ Break-Up Handled By Dad

Father knows best when it comes to the singers love life.


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The Dallas Stars Throw A Party To Celebrate The Return Of Hockey

Hockey is back in Dallas, and the Dallas Stars are throwing a party to celebrate.


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Tina Fey Makes Fun Of Taylor Swifts Relationship Issues At The Golden Globes

We are somewhat thankful Taylor Swifts relationship woes. But on the Golden Globes Sunday Night Tina Fey and Amy Pohler got after Taylor a little bit for her fickle heart.



Lite’s Movie Review Room

“Gangster Squad” stars Josh Brolin as a Los Angeles cop who tries to take down a ruthless mobster. This is the latest film from Ruben Fleischer, who directed one of my favorite movies, “Zombieland.” He’s […]


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Drinking Soda Can Make You Depressed

New research suggests that the consumption of sweetened beverages can be linked with depression later in life.