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The Dallas Stars Throw A Party To Celebrate The Return Of Hockey

Hockey is back in Dallas, and the Dallas Stars are throwing a party to celebrate.


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Tina Fey Makes Fun Of Taylor Swifts Relationship Issues At The Golden Globes

We are somewhat thankful Taylor Swifts relationship woes. But on the Golden Globes Sunday Night Tina Fey and Amy Pohler got after Taylor a little bit for her fickle heart.



Lite’s Movie Review Room

“Gangster Squad” stars Josh Brolin as a Los Angeles cop who tries to take down a ruthless mobster. This is the latest film from Ruben Fleischer, who directed one of my favorite movies, “Zombieland.” He’s […]


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Drinking Soda Can Make You Depressed

New research suggests that the consumption of sweetened beverages can be linked with depression later in life.



Use Your Cell Phone In The Shower

Using a smartphone in the bathroom has become common place for most of us, but what about while showering? Sony has developed a new water-resistant smart phone that can withstand full submersion in water up […]


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Unborn Baby’s Fingernail Almost Kills Mother

Amelie and Ava Cottam barely made it into the world as they were born five weeks premature. Their mom, Angela Cottam is lucky to have made it as well. A suspected hair or fingernail from […]


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Al Roker Pooped His Pants In The White House

On an episode of Dateline Sunday Night, Today Show weather anchor Al Roker, admitted one his most embarrassing moments of all time. The famed weatherman was at the White House in 2002 shortly after his […]


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Most Stressfull Jobs Of 2013

What classifies a job as stressful? Most people would say there is some level of stress in their job, but some jobs are obviously more stressful then others. So what is the most stressful job […]


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Least Stressful Jobs For 2013

What classifies a job as stressful? Most people would say there is some level of stress in their job, but some jobs are obviously less stressful then others. So what is the least stressful job […]



Dad Timelapses Day Spent Taking Care Of Toddler

Well this is just adorable. A dad takes care of his son while mom is gone for the afternoon. In just a few hours you see how much fun and how much mess can be made with a little tike running around.