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2011 Billboard Music Awards - Show

Leigh Ann: Did Britney Spears Dine And Dash?

When I first read that Britney “dined and dashed” I knew there had to be an explanation. I mean surely she wouldn’t do that on purpose, right?


Katy Perry (Timur Emek/Getty Images)

Leigh Ann: Man Breaks In To Kennedy Compound Looking For Katy Perry

Yesterday it was the crazy Sandra Bullock fan we shared with you. Today it’s a crazy Katy Perry fan. A man breaks into the Kennedy compound looking for Katy Perry.


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Leigh Ann: What Mariah Carey Really Looks Like

I think we all know that there is a lot of photo shopping going on with our favorites. And this just proves it.


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Leigh Ann: Loom Band Dress Sells For $291,000 On eBay

I think we have both found enough of those colored bans around our house to make this dress ourselves. I find those darn things everywhere


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Daddy Takes Daughter On First Date

I think this is so sweet and can’t believe there are some that think it’s not appropriate.


Miami Heat v Dallas Mavericks - Game Four

What Is It Like To Live In Dallas?

Don’t you just love living in DFW?


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Leigh Ann: What’s Up With Tamra Barney’s Face?

I have been saying this the last few weeks. What in the world did Tamra from RHOC do to her face?


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Leigh Ann: Tumblr’s Hairy Legs Club

Why in the world would anyone do this?


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Leigh Ann: Sandra Bullock Came Face-To-Face With Stalker

Sandra Bullock came face to face with the guy who broke into her house recently. This is the first we are hearing about this.


(Credit: Jake Bailey)

Leigh Ann: Katy Perry Wants To Play Cher In ‘Clueless’ Musical

Please let this happen! I still find myself watching Clueless whenever it’s on TV.