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Students In Texas High School Play Jump Rope With A Cats Intestines And Think It’s Okay

There is a video floating around the internet that shows Texas students playing jump rope with cat intestines, and people aren’t very happy about it. The students were doing a dissection of a cat, and for […]

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This Absurd Map Will Show You How Crazy The Laws In Your State Are!

You will never believe some of the laws in Texas

103.7 KVIL–05/19/2016

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Blake Shelton Says His Relationship With Gwen Stefani Is Weird

Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani are one of the cutest couples around right now. They are polar opposites though, one is a country star, the other is a huge pop star. In a recent interview […]

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Did You Know The Hole In The Pen Cap Was Actually Made To Save Your Life?

I guess we never really thought about what the hole in the pen cap is for. If we take a second and think about it I guess it would be to save plastic right? Nope, […]

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Kesha Said Screw You Dr. Luke And Performed Her Bob Dylan Tribute Last Night!

It was all over the place recently that Dr. Luke pulled Kesha from performing at the Billboard Music Awards the other day. She was supposed to sing a Bob Dylan tribute. We might not ever […]

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This Mom Claims She Found Jesus In Her Kids Dirty Diaper!

We can’t make this stuff up!

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If You Have A Chip On Your Credit Card You Should Never Swipe It And Here’s Why!

By now you have probably been issued a credit or debit card with a chip in it from your bank. They are supposed to be safer and protect us from fraud. If you come up […]

103.7 KVIL–05/19/2016

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This Weird New Pet Brush Has You Brushing Your Cat With Your Tongue!

Lets be honest, we all love our pets. We buy them food, and toys, even take them to the groomers for hair cuts. We pamper our pets all the time. But would you be willing […]

103.7 KVIL–05/18/2016

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This Guy Broke His Penis And The Pictures Are What Nightmares Are Made Of

I think we have all heard stories about people breaking their junk while getting it on. We have never actually seen a picture of it though, until now. Not going to lie, this picture is what […]

103.7 KVIL–05/18/2016

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This Is How Long Gum Really Stays In Your System If You Swallow It!

Remember growing up when you were in middle school, and people would always tell you not to swallow your gum because it stayed in your body for seven years. Anyone under the age of 12 probably […]

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