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Justin Bieber Is Being Sued For Stealing The Song ‘Sorry’

Justin Bieber is being sued for stealing the song ‘Sorry.’ They are asking $100,000 from him, which honestly is nothing to Justin. He should probably just pay them to make them go away. They are […]

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Miranda Lambert Closes Her Oklahoma Boutique And Blake Shelton Bought It

Miranda Lambert shut down her Oklahoma Boutique the other day. The Pink Pistol is no longer open, and she said “Sometimes you need to close a chapter to build on a new beginning or go […]

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This Cat Watching A Horror Movie Is The Best Thing You Will See All Day!

We all know that animals have feelings. They love it when we pet them, and our dogs usually greet us at the front door. This we have never seen though. This cat gets so into […]

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Woman Gets Trapped In Bathroom Stall And Films SOS Video For Help

Can you imagine going to the bathroom and when you tried to walk out of the stall you were stuck? That is exactly what happened to this woman. When she tried to open the stall, […]

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This Babies Reaction To A Justin Bieber Song Is Priceless

We still haven’t put our finger on what is going on with Justin Bieber lately, but we did find his biggest fan. This little guy was having a rough day, until it heard Justin Bieber’s […]

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New Study Shows Millennial Men Are More Likely To Live With Their Mom!

By now you probably have known that millennial men are basically moms boys. A new study shows that they would rather live at home with their mom than a significant other. This seems really strange […]

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Rihanna Walks The Streets Of New York In See Through Dress

Are any of us shocked that Rihanna is walking around in see through clothes anymore? Remember when she showed up to one of the awards show sporting a dress that everyone could see the goods […]

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Tesla Model S Driver Caught Sleeping While Letting The Autopilot Drive

With all the latest technologies, we are one step closer to a fully operational self-driving car.


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Here Are The Dumb Questions People In Texas Google

Have you ever heard the saying “there aren’t dumb questions, just dumb people that ask questions?” Well I think we found all of those people in each state. A recent list showed the dumbest questions […]

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Leigh Ann And Courtney Kerr #Uncorked The Podcast: The Dog Food, The Toe Nails, & The Bachelorette

103.7 KVIL, CBS and Play.it present the Leigh Ann And Courtney Kerr #Uncorked “The Podcast”! It’s Leigh Ann and Courtney Kerr #Worldwide & #Uncensored!




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