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Leigh Ann Adam

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Golden Girls “Granny Panties” Are A Real Thing!

Who would have thought this would ever happen, but it did. Golden Girls “Granny Panties” are a real thing! If you have a grandmother you have no clue what to get for Christmas, you just […]

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These 4 Habits Are Making You Look WAY Older Than You Are!

There are four really bad habits that are making you look way older than you actually are. Some of these are really hard to break, or actually do. Like getting a good 8 hours of […]

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Ellie Goulding Remixes “Love Me Like You Do” In Every Genre Of Music You Can Imagine!

Ellie Goulding was on The Late Late Show with James Corden the other night and they remixed “Love Me Like You Do.” This is pretty amazing! When they busted out with the gospel version at […]

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The 25 Amazing Things You Have To Make With Your Thanksgiving Leftovers!

Thanksgiving is such an amazing time. You get together with family or friends, and eat an amazing meal. It usually consists on Turkey, ham, dressing, mashed potato’s, and so much more. The day after you […]

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These Tweets Will Make Every Nurse Alive Laugh Out Loud!

It takes a special person to be nurse. They have to deal with so many things that a lot of us can’t even comprehend. They take care of people at some of the worst times […]

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Our Very Own Leigh Ann Was Featured In DFW Child Magazine!

Our very own Leigh Ann was featured in DFW Child magazine. The did a Q&A with her, and it’s pretty funny! Our favorite part was when they asked her about awkward moments on air, and she said […]

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15 Truths About Being A Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader You Would Never Expect!

The Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders are probably the most iconic cheerleading squad in the country. Being a Cowboys cheerleader isn’t easy though. They have to work out multiple times a week. Not because they want to, […]

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Mama June & Honey Bear Just Scored Another Reality Show!

Well that didn’t take long. After all the controversy that Mama June has been through this year, her family has landed on another reality show. They are going to be on Marriage Boot Camp. You […]

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This Woman Proves How Much It Actually Takes To Break A Condom! WOW!

We have all heard some stupid guy say he can’t wear a condom. That he is to big, or they always break. Well this video proves that almost all men are lying. Kids, remember to […]

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This Guy Is Already Camping Out For Black Friday And You Have To See His Set Up!

How far are you willing to go for a great deal? This guy goes all out. Meet Jarvis Johnson, who is already camped outside of Best Buy for Black Friday. His setup is insane. He […]

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