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Klyde Warren Park

What’s Hot: Klyde Warren Park 2nd Anniversary Celebration

What’s HOT: Klyde Warren Parks Second Anniversary Celebration is HOT!     CLICK HERE for more info

103.7 KVIL–15 hours ago

Sean Gallup/Getty Images

Quarantined Male Dancer Calls In

Axl Goode, the La Bare dancer who was on the flight from Cleveland to Dallas with second Ebola nurse Amber Vinson, called in to tell us about his experience since he found out he was […]

103.7 KVIL–16 hours ago

Stephen Dunn/Getty Images

Cowboys Player Steals Undies, Gets Undies Endorsement

Second year running back Joseph Randle grabbed headlines last week when he was busted in Frisco stealing underwear and a sample bottle of cologne. Since then, he has been fined by the Cowboys (reportedly for […]

103.7 KVIL–17 hours ago

John Moore/Getty Images

Ebola Costume Is Dominating Terrible Halloween Costume Trends

And in this year’s tasteless costume ideas: for $79.99, you can buy an Ebola costume. The costume comes complete with an Ebola White Costume Suit, face shield, mask, safety goggles, and blue latex gloves. This shouldn’t […]

103.7 KVIL–18 hours ago


Weatherman Going Live With German Shepherd= BAD IDEA

Canadian weatherman Mike Sobel volunteered to showcase a stray dog from the local humane society for his weather report. The stray dog happened to be an enormous German Shepherd named Ripple, and it didn’t go […]

103.7 KVIL–18 hours ago


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