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AUDIO: Dose Of Sass With Steve Kemble For April 29th, 2016Get your daily Dose of Sass with Steve Kemble!
VIDEO: Watch This DFW Couple Get Married On Good Morning AmericaThis couple from DFW got married on Good Morning America!
VIDEO: Blind 5th Grader Sees Mother For The First TimeGrab your tissues!
VIDEO: Watch These Two Monks Get Into A Brawl Outside Their TempleI didn't think monks got into fights?
Here's How Prince William And Kate Middleton Will Spend Their Five Year AnniversaryI can't believe they've been married for 5 years!
FOX Is Rebooting 24!Good news!

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4 of America’s Most Beautiful Beaches Just In Time For Summer VacayI'm packing my bags already for fun in the sun!
15 of the Longest Celebrity RelationshipsIt takes a lot to stay together all these years. Compromise, understanding and good listening are key.
5 Out Of The Box Things To Do On Your Next Trip To Las Vegas
Johnny Manziel Buys 300 Shots On Draft NightHe is being very careless with his money for someone with no job.
House Panel Votes To Make Women Register For The DraftLadies, gear up and prepare for battle. You could be going to war in the event of a draft.
100-Year-Old Grandma Wants To Pole Dance For Her BirthdayAfter 100 years of living, sometimes it's nice to do something completely crazy...something you've never done before and wouldn't do in all your 99 years of life.

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Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitts Nanny Tells All!
These Pedicure Stockings Will Make Sure Your Toes Always Look Good!This is insane! Would you wear these?
Trans People Could Do Six Months In Jail If They Use The 'Wrong' Bathroom In Alabama
Authorities Open Up Princes Secret Vault!
Usher Shares Naked Selfie On SnapChat!
Are Millennials Entitled? If You Agree, This Woman Will Be Your New Hero!

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You Need To See Adam Levine's Cover Of Prince's 'Purple Rain'Pat Monahan and his band Train even back him up.
PHOTOS: Prince George Meets President ObamaThis just might be the most adorable thing you see all day!
Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders Throw Bikini Fashion Show In MexicoThe football players aren't the only ones who need to get ready for the upcoming season!
Dallas Ice Cream Shop Dares You To Eat 20 Scoops Of Ice Cream In 30-MinutesBut if you don't finish it, it's beaucoup bucks.
Photographer Apparently Captures Photos Of Lions Exhibiting Homosexual BehaviorAnd from what she discovered, it's not uncommon.
AMC Theatres Assures: "NO TEXTING ALLOWED"Thank GOD.

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