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Julie’s Jabbers: I’m Naming My Mole Abbie Normal

It all started about a hundred years ago when I was 4 and sitting next to a pool with my father.



Julie’s Jabber: When Did I Get So MEAN?

My husband and I had assumed our regular positions recently after putting our daughters to bed.


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Julie Loves This ‘Friends’ Reunion!

Anytime the old cast of Friends gets together, Julie gets excited. Do you blame her?

103.7 KVIL–08/28/2014

Julie's Cat

Julie’s Jabbers: Cats are Pr**ks (But I Keep Buying Them Anyway)

I have a cat named Maggie. She is a 14-year-old Burmese who is sitting on my lap & farting repeatedly as I write this.



Julie’s Jabber: Words Of Wisdom From Bunny Bear

My baby is growing up. Parents say that stuff all the time but then there are the kick-in-the-gut moments when you see the evidence first-hand. My oldest is 10-years-old but she seems to have grown 3 years in the past week.



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