Listen to Lorde’s Pre-‘Royals’ Band Inspired by Fugazi, PJ Harvey

We all had our musical endeavors as kids — some pathways to greater success later, others nothing more than incredibly painful to watch in retrospect.

Though she’s still a teenager, Lorde isn’t exempt by any means. Consequence of Sound has brought to light some of the New Zealander’s tracks with her old band, And They Were Masked.

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The songs, apparently recorded/released around May 2012, when Lorde was 15, are off an album called Characters. The whole album can be found on Bandcamp.

Lorde wasn’t exactly the leader of the group, it appears — most of the songs had a male lead — but the “Royals” singer pops up on a few tracks, including contributing lead vocals on “Piece of Mind.” The band cites its influences as the Mars Volta, Fugazi, Battles and PJ Harvey, the songs having a definite oddball, offbeat mentality to them, with guitar, bass and drums sometimes complemented by more unique instrumentation.



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