Julie’s Review Room: ‘Into The Storm’

New in theaters this week is “Into the Storm,” starring Matt Walsh as a storm-chaser who discovers a colossal tornado.

This movie will seem familiar to North Texans because living here has turned most of us into Junior Storm Chasers. Ask anyone what they do when the tornado siren starts to blare and they can tell you, in detail. That’s why this far-fetched movie about multiple tornados hitting at once feels not-so-far-fetched after all. How many times have we watched a tornado tear through the city we live in, LIVE as it’s happening on TV? Or gotten caught on the road during a blinding storm? One scene from “Into the Storm” features golf-ball-sized hail, which had people in the audience laughing because we’ve seen it far bigger than that. When an onscreen storm chaser says that the once-in-a-lifetime storm seems to happen every year, we all nod because it certainly seems true.

That doesn’t mean that “Into the Storm” is a good movie. It’s filled with bad acting, lame jokes and painful melodrama. Pretty much EVERY moment that involves coherent dialogue is bad, but when the storms start to rage none of that seems to matter.

I can’t say that I LIKED this movie because honestly, it’s REALLY stupid but once those tornadoes hit the screen the weather-nerd in me was delightfully horrified and THAT’S why I’m giving “Into the Storm” a C+.


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