The Feel-Good Video of a Bank Giving Back

You’re not going to believe what this Canadian bank does until you see the video.  [Below]

Sure, the usual bank television commercial is all about how much cash back you will get with their card.  Or maybe they’ll talk about how they are your bank for all the important moments in life.  But TD Bank decided to actually put their money where their mouth is (pun intended.)

Instead of ATM standing for “automated teller machine” they transformed it to mean “automated thanking machine” and it was far from automated.  For some very special customers of the bank, personalized surprises were waiting for them.  One guy got to meet his idol from the Toronto Blue Jays baseball team and threw the first pitch at a game.  A young kid got $50 cash.  It really hit home for one mother-of-two when TD Bank offered her a trip for her and her family to Disney World.  She broke down in tears because she had never been able to take her children on a trip or vacation ever.

What really touched the heart was an elderly woman whose daughter was fighting cancer.  At first the machine opened with a bouquet of roses.  She teared up.  When the machine asked her why she recounted about her only daughter’s recent surgery and chemo therapy.  This woman, originally from Trinidad, was far away from her daughter and so TD Bank gave her two round-trip tickets to Trinidad to see her daughter.

It didn’t just stop there, either.  Every customer of TD Bank either received $20 cash from a teller or they found it deposited into their account.  Instead of doing the same old and tired song and dance to woo customers, this Canadian bank proved that sometimes its about giving back that really matters.


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