Julie’s Review Room: Guardians Of The Galaxy

New in theaters this week is “Guardians of the Galaxy” starring Chris Pratt and Zoey Saldana.

There’s lots of buzz around “Guardians” because it’s a Marvel movie that doesn’t have direct ties to “The Avengers.” It does however, have the benefit of a fun and eclectic cast. Chris Pratt plays Peter Quill the Star Lord. He’s an American in space who finds a mysterious Orb and becomes the target of a manhunt. He assembles a rag-tag team who eventually become the Guardians and they battle evil-doers to save the universe.

Sounds like every other Marvel film, right? Well, “Guardians of the Galaxy” IS just like those other movies but it has a self-awareness and irreverence that’s more like a buddy-comedy. One minute, Star Lord will heroically save someone and the next he’ll brag about how AWESOME he looked while heroically saving someone. It would be obnoxious if the Guardians were so freaking adorable. My favorite characters are the computer animated Groot and Rocket. That’s a surgically enhanced smart-aleck raccoon and a mobile tree. They are also deadly warriors who look after and love each other dearly. Particular kudos should be given to Chris Pratt for giving the entire movie a healthy dose of swagger and sweetness. Who knew that schlubby Andy from “Parks and Recreation” could be a leading man, but he fills the role with ease.

“Guardians” gets derailed by its own special effects but that’s my only gripe so I’m giving “Guardians of the Galaxy” an A. Here’s the how much I REALLY like it though. I just saw it the other night but I’m GOING to see it again this weekend and I might even go see it AGAIN next weekend. That NEVER happens!


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