Robin Thicke Sells Just 530 Copies of ‘Paula’ in The UK

With first-week sales like this, you could almost feel a little bit bad for Robin Thicke. Almost.

Sales figures for Thicke’s get-her-back record Paula were released last night and it’s not what one would call a strong number. In the U.S., Thicke sold approximately 25,000 units of Paula, according to Billboard. In the UK, it moved an abysmal 530, according to the Guardian.

In stark contrast, Blurred Lines sold about 177,000 units in its first week of release in the U.S., buoyed by last summer’s smash hit of the same name, and about 26,000 first-week sales in the UK. That’s a 98-percent cratering in UK sales because of Paula, according to the Guardian. In the U.S., Paula‘s first-week sales as compared to Blurred Lines is about an 84-percent sales decrease.

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It probably didn’t help that part of Thicke and his label’s publicity roll out included the now-infamous #AskThicke open Q&A on Twitter, which bombarded the singer with personal attacks and snarky one-liners.



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