Alicia Keys Wants To Help Women Feel Good About Themselves With Her Next Album

By Anam Baig

Alicia Keys has a lot on her plate: directing, writing, producing, and now, modeling for Givenchy’s newest fragrance Dahlia Devin. Oh, not to mention that she has a new album in the works.

According to Women’s Wear Daily, the “Girl on Fire” is ready to open up about herself on this go round, choosing to focus on lyrical content as opposed to melody.

“This time it’s more about what we’re going through as human beings,” she said to WWD. “We all experience similar things. I find that the world puts us in these boxes where we’re only allowed to be one way — like, ‘to succeed as a career woman, you need to do it this way,’ or ‘to be a gay man, you have to be this way.'”

One particular song Keys is excited about is “Killing Your Mother.” She says not to take the title literally, since the song is about emotions and the album will be about exploring strong points of view.

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