DFW Sports Buzz: Local Boy Co-Wins Scripps Spelling Bee

Ansun Sujoe is a 13-year-old 7th grader from Ft. Worth who did something that hasn’t happened in 52 years: he became a co-champion of the Scripps Spelling Bee. That’s right, they ran out of words!

Some notable Ansun Sujoe moments:

  • After being asked to spell a giant 6-syllable word, he stares blankly at the moderator and says, “can you repeat the word.”
  • On the VERY last word, Ansun is asked a French word. He goes through the steps of attempting to spell it, and at the end, he goes to say the word before he spells it and can’t even pronounce it! Of course, he spells the word correctly and becomes co-champion.

As a co-champ, Ansun will win:

  • $30,000 and an engraved trophy from Scripps
  • $2,500 US savings bond
  • And my personal favorite, over $1,200 worth of reference works from Encyclopedia Britannica


You can CLICK HERE for a complete write-up


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