SHE MAIL: Julie talks Strippers and Real Estate

Hey Julie!

I need your help. I lost my corporate job last year and with some of the severance paid for Realtor School since the market is booming I thought it was a good time for career change. Long story short I have spent some money on looking the part with my wardrobe and my husband told me over the weekend I am not good at my job and need to reconsider “draining our accounts” on clothing until I get better at it.

I have only officially been doing it for 2 months and have listed a couple houses but haven’t sold one yet. I expected support from him and I am just not getting it. What should I do?



Hi Karen- Talk to your husband and ask for support. If he doesn’t believe in you, NO ONE will. Stop spending so much money and don’t be afraid to shop the sale rack.

Hi Julie!

OMG Come slap some sense into my husband. We have been married for 3 years, and his oldest son from his previous marriage is turning 18. For his BDAY he wants to surprise him and his friends with a guys only party and hire a “dancer” from a gentleman’s club. He says his son has worked hard his whole life ins school and sports and he deserves to enter the world of being a man the right way.

I think he is out of his mind and I can only imagine what the parents of his friends would think. Do I let them know? He says it’s not my business.

Love your show and your advice!



Michelle… That is a terrible idea! Save him from making a terrible decision and put your foot down. He can go to the strip club once he’s eighteen with his friends- not his dad.

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