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She Mail: Man About To Get Married Discovers He Has Kid With Ex

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Here’s what our listeners are asking this morning:

Kelley writes:

“I know Mother’s Day was a few days ago but I’m still stewing about something and I can’t let it go.
This was my first Mother’s Day as a mother (my husband David and I have a three month old daughter), and David didn’t bother getting me a card or anything.
When I asked him why, he stared at me sort of blankly and simply said, “Why should I? You’re not MY mother.”
Ummm … HELLO! I’m the mother of your child!!
Do I have the right to be upset that my first Mother’s Day basically went unacknowledged or am I just taking it all too personally?”

Sean sent this HeMail:

“Hey Julie!
I have a real pickle. I am getting married next month to my GF of 8 months and I just found out yesterday that I apparently have a child with an ex. After that break up we went our separate ways and I didn’t hear anything from her.
I was talking to an old friend and telling him about the wedding when he mentioned, “You know Kari has a kid and says you’re the dad”. I don’t know that I believe it. Do I even look into this? Do I tell my soon to be bride? Is this going to screw things up? HELP!”

Check out the advice Julie gave this morning:

She Mail - Unknown Kid 5-15-14

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