VIDEO: DFW Morning Show Host Walks Off Set After Heated Discussion

If you caught The Broadcast yesterday, you would have thought you were watching The View for how hot under the collar the discussion got. So heated, in fact, that one of the hosts got up and walked off the set!

Check out the video! It’s 9 minutes of video, but it starts going downhill around 6:40.

The ladies got into a heated discussion about Michael Sam kissing his partner after finding out he’d been drafted to the St Louis Rams. Amy Kushnir objected to it as PDA and only shown to stir headlines. As the others hosts debated her point, she grabs her things and walks off the set.

Broadcast Meltdown - Part 1

103.7 KVIL

We discussed the video and Amy’s reaction this morning. We also chatted with executive producer Stuart Boslow about the meltdown as well as got some of your reactions.

Broadcast Meltdown - Part 2

103.7 KVIL


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