Dr. Dre In Talks To Sell “Beats By Dre” To Apple For Billions

Leigh Ann posted a story about the new iPhone 6 coming out early, that is pretty awesome! It could spell a big jump for Apple as the new phone is rumored to be bigger, to compete with the larger Samsung handsets that are close to dominating the market.

Apple is also in talks to innovate in a big way, by purchasing the juggernaut audio company Beats by Dre from hip hop legend Dr. Dre. The deal, according to MSN, could net Dr. Dre a payout in the billions! Making the “The Chronic” rapper the first rapper turned billionaire. Good for him!

UPDATE: Reports are confirming that Apple has purchased Beats by Dre and that Dr. Dre’s personal net worth now rises to roughly $800 million dollars!


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