VIDEO: Amateur Weather Forecaster Warns NTX Of Severe Storms

Frankie MacDonald isn’t a well known weather forecaster, but the amateur internet weatherman is growing a following. The autistic man from Nova Scotia loves the weather and makes videos on Youtube with tips on preparing for significant weather events.

Check out Frankie’s warning for today’s weather in North Texas!

Zazza & Julie Chat With Amateur Weather Forecaster Frankie MacDonald

93258254 VIDEO: Amateur Weather Forecaster Warns NTX Of Severe Storms
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Despite some naysayers, MacDonald maintains that he has a good heart, according to Canada’s The Star.

Jared Guynes from Rockwall actually started an online petition to get Frankie hired on at the Weather Channel. You can sign the petition HERE!

Check out his other videos!

Here’s is one video warning of Onion Rings for East Texas:

He even warning Florida about possible cream cheese:


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