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She Mail: Big Brother Worries About Risks Of Helping Sister In New Car Purchase

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Julie Fisk is here to help. If you’ve need advice or want us to hash out a problem on the air for you, let Julie share some of her wisdom.

Here’s what our listeners are asking this morning:

Fidel writes:

“Hi Julie!
I’m writing this to you because I need some advice. My sister wants to get a brand new car and I mean like 0 miles new. And well she asked me if I could Co-sign for her because she won’t pass the credit check. Any way I don’t want to say no because the fact she is my only sister and well I know we’re supposed to help each other out but then again I don’t want her to have some kind of problem with it and ruin my credit. I worked hard to to get it to where I have it what should I do. Thanks!
By the way, I listen to your station every day. Do me a favor and play my favorite song “Apologize” by onerepublic Thursday at around 6:30AM so I know you read this. Thanks again.”

Ashley writes:

“Julie, I am back with the father of my children/ex husband who I love but honestly, I remember now why we split up! He constantly does things that annoys the **** out of me and he acts like a grown child (if you know what I mean) how do I tell him about these things so we don’t end up splitting our family (we have 2 girls, 5 years & 3 months) up again. I know I am NO WHERE NEAR PERFECT but I just can’t stand some of the childish, high school and rude things he does.
Ex: major flirting, shows little to no concern with my feelings especially when I’m having a bad day, wants to spend more time at work then with us, the list goes on…
I’ll take any advice because I do LOVE this man child and want us to be a “happy family”!
Much love,

Check out the advice Julie gave this morning:

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