Best Sax Scenes Of All-Time

I am absolutely loving Ariana Grande’s new song “Problem”, and my favorite part is the saxophone! It inspired me to make a list of the best sax scenes ever. Some make you laugh and others make you dance. Either way, let’s get “horny”!

10. Ariana Grande- “Problem”


9. The Effinays- “Donut Shop”


8. Epic Sax Guy


7. Imagine Dragons- “Radioactive” cover 


6. Lisa Simpson & Bleeding Gums Murphy- “Second Grade Blues”


5. Following People with a Sax (based on Family Guy joke)


4. Alexandra Stan- “Mr. Saxobeat”


3. President Bill Clinton on Arsenio Hall Show


2. Lost Boys movie


1. Sexy Sax Man (Sergio Flores)- “Careless Whisper”


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