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She Mail: Mom Says No Sharing Beds To Visiting Daughter And Fiancé

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Here’s what our SheMailers are asking this morning:

Sarah writes:

“My fiancé Jeff and I have been together for three years and have been engaged for one. We’re flying back t my childhood home for my mom’s birthday and even though we’re practically married, my parents forbid us to sleep in the same room. I think this is totally insane as we’re both grown adults, but my parents said that if we have to sleep in the same bed, we “are welcome to stay at a hotel.” Should I fight this or just go along with it?

Cally writes:

“Hey Julie! My sister is recently divorced and has two kids, 5 and 9, and I offered awhile back to watch the kids if she wanted to get out and have some times with friends, etc. Well it’s getting out hand. It’s becoming a ritual, 3 sometimes 4 times DURING the week. To the point some nights, she will text and not even pick the kids up until the morning because she is out all night and I’m assuming hooking up with randoms. This needs to stop. We had a falling out and didn’t speak for years and I know if I confront her about this it will be the same situation and I don’t want to not be able to see my niece and nephew. Thanks!

Check out the advice Julie gave our SheMailers this morning:

She Mail - Mom Says No Sharing Beds 5-6-14

she mai no writing She Mail: Mom Says No Sharing Beds To Visiting Daughter And Fiancé
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