10 Worst Jobs For Taking Kids To Work Day

Today is national “Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day”, and I’d love to participate! Problem is, I don’t have kids (not two-legged ones anyway). According to the official website, the appropriate age range is 8-18 so I could really only take my 10-year-old mini Dachshund, Biff Barkley. Duncan, my pittie/Boxer mix is only five. So, I guess we’ll just play radio from home.

(Photo by: Sybil Summers)

(Photo by: Sybil Summers)

The program originated 21 years ago in an effort to teach children about careers and the workforce. It made me wonder where would be the worst jobs or workplaces to take your kids.

10. Sewage/Septic tank workers (too dirty)

9. Pilot/Airplane crew (too distracting)

8. Brewery (too 21 +over)

7. Day spa (too quiet)

6. Boardroom meeting (too stiff)

5. Morgue (also too stiff)

4. Warden/Prison Guard (too criminal)

3. Emergency room (too chaotic)

2. Firefighters (too dangerous)

1. Strip club (too nekkid)


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