Things Guys Think Are Sexy But It’s Not

Over the weekend, Tony was walking through the Shops of Legacy in Plano to meet a friend for dinner. He saw a guy in a nice new Porsche start revving his engine at a lady walking down the sidewalk. As he revved his engine at the woman, he said, “Hey baby.”

That’s not sexy, dude. We thought we would dish on the things guys do that they think are sexy, but really aren’t at all.

Things Guys Think Are Sexy But It's Not - Part 1

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Julie was driving down the road when she saw one of those Maybach cars. It had vanity plates that said, “My Bach.” Obviously, dude.

Julie also wanted to add that male strippers think that it’s sexy to shove and wave their junk in a woman’s face. Even the super hot guys in the movieĀ Magic Mike did that!

A couple of listeners added that farting, the “Dutch Oven,” and guys who text pics of their junk are also on the list of not sexy things guys do.

Things Guys Think Are Sexy But It's Not - Part 2

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