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She Mail: Woman Unhappy With Boyfriend’s Joke About Encouraging Her Weight Gain

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Here’s what our SheMailers are asking this morning:

Cathy writes:

“Julie, Need You Girl!
My boyfriend just asked me to move in with him and I’m so excited! The only problem is that he wants me to move into the house he got with his ex-wife and refuses to consider getting a new place together.
He says he loves the house and is happy to make new memories there with me, but I don’t feel comfortable starting a new life with someone in a place he shared with his ex.What should I do?”

Laura writes:

“Brad and I have been dating for two months and it’s almost unheard of for him to actually invite me anywhere. I feel like whenever we end up hanging out, it’s because I’ve planned it or basically invited myself – and I hate that feeling.
Do you think Brad has just gotten used to me planning things or being available whenever he wants me? Or do you think I’m just an afterthought to him, while he’s been a priority to me? Help!”

Marcy writes:

“My boyfriend thinks it’s the ultimate romantic gesture to wake me up with a good morning kiss. It’s very sweet – but there’s just one problem … he has the worst morning breath in the entire world!! How do I tell him this without making him totally embarrassed and paranoid?”

Shira writes:

“I’ve gained 15 pounds since I started dating Jason 6 months ago and I think it’s totally his fault. When I complained the other day about all the weight I was gaining, he said that I was just the way he liked me and even joked about how his “plan was working.”
I appreciate that he doesn’t mind me gaining weight but I don’t appreciate him encouraging me to get fat on purpose. How do I confront him about this and do you think I’ll lose him if I take the weight off?”

Check out the advice Julie gave our SheMailers this morning:

She Mail - Boyfriend Bloat 4-17-14

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