Lifehack: How To Properly Iron A Dress Shirt

I have to be real for a second. Can I? Cool.


I love to look dapper. To go out on the town in a sharp outfit looking like a million bucks, is one of my favorite things. I think many men feel the same way. But, there is an ugly side to getting dressed up. IRONING!


Truth be told, I just figured out how to iron a few years ago. And, at 31 years old I am still not convinced I am doing it correctly. I get SO frustrated! I can never seem to get the shirt pressed just the right way, and the latest thing that seems to happen is…I get the shirt ironed the way I want it, hang it up, take a shower, and by the time I go to put the shirt on…there are wrinkles in it again! WTH!?


If you hate ironing as much as I do you can A: find a significant other who LOVES to iron and thus does your stuff for you…or B: watch this video from “The Art Of Manliness”:



You’re welcome.



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