Captain America: The Winter Soldier Heats Up Theatres

I find it interesting the “Captain” has seemingly caught up on 60 years of technological advancements, learned more effective hand-to-hand combat skills, and still somewhat lives in the mental land of right vs. wrong has no grey area. None of which can help him deal with the loss of those he cared for during the 1940s/World War II era. Sadly, he learns his primary advisary… is someone he would have once… given his life for.

Nick Furry proves worthy of his last name, and Samuel L. Jackson’s performance… is… well… Samuel L. Jackson, which is a good thing. He too knows how to make the bullets fly, thwart out the bad guy, and show you his damaged eye… when necessary.

Be sure to stay in your seat after the initial ending credits for a much longer than normal teaser. CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE WINTER SOLDIER, is bold, bruising, blows up, and will do the same at the box office. 4 of 5 stars!


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