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She Mail: Woman Desires Family Heirloom Ring

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Here’s what our SheMailers are asking this morning:

Carol writes:


GIRL I NEED YOUR HELP!!!!  My husband and I have been having problems for a while now — and just not really feeling the spark and being pissed off at each other a lot. I feel like usually I’m more angry at him about little things, and while I’ve thought about splitting — never really considered bring it up. But he did the other night. Now suddenly I want to make it work. But is it just because now he seems like a challenge? Or because its what’s best for us?

Jaimie writes:


This is going to sound really tacky, but I don’t know what else to do. My mother is terminal and my older sister is the Executor of her estate when she passes. My mother has a piece of jewelry that my great grandmother, gave my grandmother and she gave to my mom and I want it. I know my sister has forgotten about it and I asked my mom about it the other day and she said “that’s business to be handled between you guys when I am gone”. 
Is it wrong if I just casually take it into my possession? I don’t want anything else. Just this gorgeous necklace that has been passed down generations.
Thanks for the help! Love the show!

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